Who Is Covered by Your Auto Insurance

Who is covered by my auto insurance—and under what circumstances?

Section 1: What is the definition of a covered driver under my auto insurance policy?

These coverage terms include:

Who is covered as a driver?

Who may or may not be covered under your auto insurance policy, depending on:

Existence of restrictions on someone’s driving record

Driving record history

Vehicles they own or operate

Vehicles they are authorized to drive under your auto insurance policy

Is it possible for me to share my coverage information with my spouse, if I own or operate a vehicle?

Is it possible for me to share my coverage information with anyone, with or without my spouse’s consent?

3. Who may receive a discount or premium for coverage under my policy?

With this section, you can show your support for a lower premium or for a more favorable coverage rate that reflects the true risks faced by the insureds or their family.


Am I covered as a household member or as a relative of the insured?

Are my spouse or a dependent covered under my insurance?

Is my children covered?

If so, how are they covered?

Can they be named as beneficiaries?

Are they insured through their own private insurance (not car insurance)?

Can you legally exclude your children?

Are your children insured with a provider in their own names?

Who pays for the liability insurance?

My insured driver has multiple incidents on the same insurance policy. How do I establish ownership in his or her insurance policy?

Is it possible to sue the insured driver?

I believe my driver needs liability coverage. How do I get the driver to get liability coverage?


Who is not covered by my auto insurance policy?

Who has been excluded from the policy because of violations of the policy’s terms and conditions?

Who has been excluded from the policy because the insurance carrier has determined that the person to whom coverage has been issued did not have liability coverage?

Why Did Your Coverage Expire?

Why were my car’s collision coverage, comprehensive coverage and liability coverage expired?

When did coverage expire?

Why was my coverage no longer valid?

Why did my insurance coverage stop paying?

What did insurance do to my car?

Why was my car recalled and the company wanted me to make an insurance claim?

Insurance Facts About the Car You Want to Buy

Because you are buying a used car, it’s essential that you understand your options and ask questions.

What are some ways to extend my coverage?

Do I need additional coverage after shopping around for insurance?

These are some of the questions you’ll get when you get a third-party report of your driving record. (I got mine a few days after I purchased my car from Ford Motor Credit Co. Inc., one of the top auto finance companies in the country.) The report shows your driving record in red, your rates in green, and your rates for car insurance in orange—a value less than one, indicating that you’re under-insured.

Noting that it’s better to be over-insured than under-insured, don’t go crazy at the dealership; be a responsible adult and settle for at least basic coverage. If your car gets stolen, then you’ll need it.


I’ve discussed the legal requirements for proof of ownership, the parameters for liability, and the limits of a person’s legal responsibility in car accidents. The focus of the discussion has been on facts and circumstances relevant to each of the situations discussed. However, it’s important to understand that automobile insurance is designed to protect the insurer, not the owner. It’s not designed to protect you. Rather, it’s intended to protect the insurance company if you are injured. The purpose of your liability insurance is to pay medical bills not to provide you with money or perks, such as replacing your car or getting it repaired.

Therefore, in each case of a collision, you need to act in the most ethical manner possible in order to minimize liability for yourself.

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