Who Is Covered by Your Auto Insurance—And Under What Circumstances?

Who Is Covered by Your Auto Insurance—And Under What Circumstances?

Who is covered by my auto insurance—and under what circumstances?

Section 1: What is the definition of a covered driver under my auto insurance policy?

Answer: Section 1 provides the primary definition of a covered driver under a California auto insurance policy. It provides that a covered driver is any person who is licensed or authorized to operate a motor vehicle, either in California or elsewhere in the United States or an air carrier. Section 1 also provides that a covered driver is any person authorized to drive any person to a place where that person intends to reside in that person’s own home and not any other place, either in California or elsewhere in the United States.

Am I covered as a household member or as a relative of the insured?

Do I have to notify my insurer if I sell my car, or move to a new state?

Am I covered as the primary owner or as the secondary owner?

Can my insurer notify the state DMV that I am no longer the primary owner and must renew my registration?

How will my policy change if I buy or sell a new car or make a new insurance claim?

Is there an extra fee if I want to cancel my policy or change to a different carrier?

Can I create a group policy for my car and home?

What if my wife sells her car but I am covered under my current auto insurance policy? Am I covered under my spouse’s insurance policy if my own car is stolen or totaled?

My wife has her own car but I have the policy on her vehicle, which was previously insured under my auto insurance policy.

Who is not covered by my auto insurance policy?

Under what circumstances is your car insurance policy worthless?

Can a thief drive off with your car?

What is the most you have ever paid for a car insurance policy?

I have to have a new quote from my insurance company, can you give me a fresh quote?”

In a purchase for someone who is only 19 and he does not have a credit or card….how much does car insurance cost?

Im 19 and I am buying a used car from my friend at school. He is buying for me since I am young and can’t afford a car. He just went to the insurance company and they said his insurance is around $280 a month.

What are some ways to extend my coverage?

Is there a greater risk of someone getting hurt if I let my coverage lapse?

Can I charge a lower deductible if I don’t take advantage of the full “chain” of auto insurance?

I don’t have any choices for liability and bodily injury coverage. Is there a way to buy insurance through my current insurer—or a competitor?

I’d like to protect myself from the full amount of costs I pay for my auto insurance. I would like to figure out whether I’m able to make a change to my policy without having to re-qualify for a different, better policy. Can I do that?

What can I do to keep my coverage up to date?

I just want to be sure I can afford to pay for my auto insurance.

What is the best way to keep my coverage on track?

I have a temporary lapse in coverage.


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