Top ten Yahoo boys in Nigeria

The word “Yahoo Yahoo” is a local Nigerian name for Internet fraudsters. It is so named because it all started with email and sites manipulation. In recent times, internet fraud have proven to be a lucrative business as oppossed to older times. This can be traced to ground breaking trends in technology. Internet fraud ranges from manipulation of credit cards, hacking of social media accounts to extort people, hacking into company’s account for shady deals and illegal business proposals. The list continues.

In Nigeria, there has been the sudden popularities of some individuals tagged “the big boys”. These big boys are easily recognized from the popular display of their flamboyant lifestyles, and flaunting of their  luxurious items on social media without a proven legitimate business in hand. These guys are then called Yahoo boys because of their inability to provide a legal means of livelihood yet they live in luxury. This article features the list of top 10 Yahoo boys in Nigeria in no particular order. It is not written in anyway to encourage internet fraud, but to inform the public of the existence and credibility of the term “Yahoo Yahoo”.

  1. Raynon Olorunwa Abbas (Ray Hushpuppi).

Hushpuppi is currently the richest Yahoo boy in Nigeria. Hushpuppi is the leader of a scammers group with the likes of Mr Woodberry, Jamal and Fish sticks. In his story, he claims he was once a hustler on the street of Lagos before he travelled to Malaysia. He stayed there for four years and relocated to Dubai where he was seen living in a very expensive apartment. Hushpuppi parades himself as the number one Gucci fan in Nigeria, he is mostly seen in designers from the brand and other bigger brands. Most of his flamboyant lifestyles are aired on social media and he has been able to gather a large number of fans. Unfortunately for him, he has been arrested in an undercover operation by the Dubai police force recently. After his arrest alongside his  group members, it was discovered that the group has pulled fraudulent activities on a million people and as at the time of their arrest, they have 3 million people as their potential targets.

Hushpuppi is worth over 480 million dollars.


  1. Mompha Money

Contrary to popular expectations, Mompha Money is a philanthropist known for his luxurious lifestyle. He owns the Mompha Bureau De change company in Lagos. Although, he is making money from the company, the source of his investment capital is still unknown, coupled with his questionable acquisition of properties outside the country. He was arrested by the EFCC and charged to court on account of his extravagant lifestyle and running an unregistered company. However, he was discharged and acquitted for lack of evidence after his suppossed uncle testified in court that the company belongs to his late father who was very rich. Mompha money is worth 11 million dollars.

  1. Jowizazaa

Not much is known of Jowizazaa except the fact that he is a Nigerian who flaunts his wealth on social media. He has a fleet of cars, luxurious houses and he is responsible for weekend giveaways on his Instagram page. His net worth is 9 million dollars, while the source of his wealth is still unknown.

  1. Mr Woodberry

Woodberry lived a private life until he was arrested alongside Hushpuppi and twelve others. He was initially known as Hushpuppi’s friend and history has it that they were both hustlers on the street of Lagos before they became rich. At the time of his arrest, a blue print of a shady deal that could have earned him 435 million dollars making him the richest yahoo boy in Nigeria was discovered; unfortunately he was arrested before he could finalize the deal. He is worth over 7 million dollars.

  1. Baddy Oosha

Baddy is a Nigerian based in Malaysia where he runs his fraudulent activities. He once starred in a popular Nigerian movie featuring actress Toyin Abraham and co. He is worth 6 million dollars.

  1. Investor BJ

Investor BJ is another social media celebrity. He also lives in Malaysia. He is known for his close ties with Nigerian celebrities like 9ce, Zlatan, and Skibii. This musicians often sing his praise time to time. Like Hushpuppi, he is also a die-hard fan of Gucci, hence he is a representative of the brand in Malaysia. He is worth over 5 million dollars.

  1. Deskid Wayne

Wayne is also a social media enthusiast. He became renowned after a video of him burning 250,000 dollars went viral. He is popular for his constant burning of huge amount of money. He is worth 5 million dollars.

  1. B .Naira

His full name is Adéwálé Adebayo. A graduate of Geography from the prestigious University of Lagos. He is reported to have served in Ibadan Oyo state. Although he is a musician, he has low fans. However, he is stinkingly rich as he flaunts his money and properties online. He is also worth over 5 million dollars.

  1. 9. Shy Boss

As the name implies, he is a shy boss. He doesn’t flaunts much on social media as his colleagues. He has been seen flying first class on plane severally. He also owns three big apartments in expensive arrears of Lagos State.

  1. Naira Marley.

The popular Nigerian musician known as the founder of the group called “Marlians”. His full name is Azeez Fashola but he goes by the name “Naira Marley” on stage. He was arrested in the year 2019 by the EFCC but was later released after a wild social media protest by his fans. It is a known fact that Naira is into music but he has some cash with him whose source is unknown as it is obviously not gotten from his music career. Naira Marley is worth over 2 million dollars.


While some people do not have a problem with internet fraudsters, providing arguments that the country itself is not helping the youths; there is no justifiable reason to rob others of their hard earned money. The acts itself is considered as stealing literally. The unfortunate thing about the arrest of this guys is that most of them are released and have their charges dropped immediately after their arrest obviously because they bribe their way through the process of they are connected to top politicians.

It will be a great decision if we all refuse to encourage their fraudulent activities by withdrawing the attentions they get on social media and also stop running after their incessant giveaways. While they are been released and allowed to continue their fraudulent activities, the younger generation are watching and it looks like nothing is wrong with “Yahoo Yahoo” after all.


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