The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Buying Insurance, and What You Can Do to Avoid Them


Section 1: The different types of insurance

There are three major types of insurance: property, motor and health.

A property policy covers the home, business and any other items on the owner’s property, or that are in the ownership of the company as assets.

A motor policy covers any vehicle owned or rented by the policyholder.

A health policy covers the insured at the moment of buying the policy and provides medical expenses or healthcare (maternity, child and hospital bills) for their family and dependents.

Each of these policies come with different exclusions and coverages and all need to be selected by the insured before buying the policy.

Most people think that health insurance is one of the easiest types of insurance to understand but it is often a lot harder than you think.

Why is insurance so expensive?

How Do Insurance Prices, Which Determine How Much You Will Pay, Calculate Risk?

6 Key Questions to Help You Decide If a Credit Card Is Right For You

How to Choose and Use an Emergency Fund to Help Reduce Your Insurance Costs

Insurance Issues, Regulations and Recommendations


In-advance Pricing


Coverage Areas


Types of Policy

Types of Coverage

Annual Premiums



Other Reimbursement-Based Payment Options

Payment Amount


Money Order



Credit Card




Customary Payments

Insurance Brokerage

Content Square 2.

How to get affordable car insurance

It’s important to have adequate insurance coverage if you want to protect yourself, your family and your assets in the event of an accident or other unfortunate event.

Let’s look at how much it costs and why the price varies depending on what type of insurance you choose.

Do you want to know the truth about what your insurance will cost? Compare quotes from multiple insurance companies online before you buy.

5 Things You Need to Know About the Affordable Car Insurance Market

Car insurance is often one of the most expensive things you’ll spend money on in life. As a result, millions of people are unhappy with their insurance company or at least feel that they’re getting taken advantage of by their current provider.

What are the best companies for life insurance?

How to find a good health care plan


In conclusion, insurance and investing are two entirely different disciplines. While the investment world is increasingly becoming more crowded, the world of insurance is still very primitive in terms of the amount of research that goes into it.

For this reason, we at The Arora Report, recommend to our subscribers a thorough understanding of both fields.

In the insurance world, investors must know and understand a lot of different categories in order to make sound investment decisions.

In the realm of investing, the investor must have a certain amount of knowledge in order to not be surprised when the market performs poorly.

Knowledge is power.

Author’s note:

Please note that this is not financial advice.

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