Medical Conditions Have To Be Declared For Your Car Insurance

What Medical Conditions Have To Be Declared For Your Car Insurance?
There are certain medical conditions that could have an impact on your driving and may compromise the safety of yourself and other drivers on the road.

Section 1: Conditions that could affect your driving
Health Insurance: To be covered by medical insurance or medical cover as it is known, you will need a statement from your doctor stating what conditions affect your driving. Make sure you understand what this means before you make any decisions to get your medical insurance or medical cover, as they could change your current insurer and could cost you extra. If you are wondering about the health insurance in Nigeria, check out

Drug or Alcohol Usage: This will have a direct impact on your medical insurance and may be expensive to cover.

Types of Disorders: If you have disorders like epilepsy, panic attacks, anxiety, or severe headaches then you will be required to have your condition listed.

What to do if you believe you have a medical condition that could affect your driving
Before you can declare your medical condition as an impairing condition on your insurance you will need to see a specialist.

There are specialist medical centres that provide this service for a fee, or a more DIY approach is possible. This will need to be done at your own expense. If you feel you can’t afford to see a specialist you can ask for your specialist to refer you to one.

Once you’ve visited a specialist, you will need to submit the written information required to see if your condition qualifies for an impairing medical condition. In many cases this is a video scan of your knee or ankle.

You should know what medical conditions could affect your insurance policy and whether they could be covered by the auto insurance you carry.

If you feel that your medical conditions are not covered by your current insurance, you may want to switch to one of the auto insurance agencies in your area.


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