How to Save by Bundling Home and Auto Insurance

How to Save by Bundling Home and Auto Insurance: Tips For Saving Money On Your Monthly Bill
An easy and popular way to save money on insurance is to buy your home and auto insurance from one company. This option is known as “bundling” and gives you a discount when you get more than one policy from the same insurer.

Section 1: The Benefits of Bundling Home and Auto Insurance
Competition Is Nice

It makes no sense to buy different types of insurance from the same provider. It will be more convenient and you will have more choices and competitive pricing.

A Standard Plan

Having one insurance plan reduces the risks you are exposed to, not just with your home but also with your car. Insurance is becoming more and more complicated. Do you think you’re still in high school when you need insurance?

Competitive Pricing

You will not get the best value if you buy all your insurance from the same provider. It is more likely that you’ll get the best deal if you buy from more than one provider. Your premiums will decrease and you can get the benefit of more choices and competitive pricing.

How to Bundle Your Insurance
Look for a group of local providers. The home and auto insurance industries are highly regulated and many insurers have agreements with each other. You can usually get a better deal by choosing companies that already have a connection to the area in which you live.

Haggle with your current insurance company. If you think you can get a better deal with another company, you can start the negotiation process by talking to your current insurance provider.

Find out if bundling your home and auto insurance is allowed in your state. Most of the time it is not, but there are a few exceptions. One important example is Colorado. Home and auto insurance are regulated differently in Colorado.

Why You Should Consider Buying from a Single Insurer
Eighty percent of customers who consolidate are paying less than they were last year, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). And bundling also boosts customer loyalty. If a customer buys both home and auto insurance from the same company, he or she is more likely to renew and switch providers if they are unsatisfied.

In addition to better customer service, bundling saves money. An online insurance shopping platform, Policygenius, estimates that its customers who bundle pay an average of 18 percent less than their individual rates.

Where You Can Buy Insurance

The NAIC’s Directory of Public and Commercial Insurance Companies, which lists all the major players in the industry, is a good resource for researching companies.

What bundling your insurance entails
Some insurers offer bundling deals that will give you a better discount if you bundle a home and auto insurance with them. Other insurance providers have other packages that include discounts for consumers that are in good financial standing and have good credit scores.

It is important to take the time to evaluate which insurance deal offers the best combination of discounts and coverage options. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Ask for a combined discount and compare the total cost of insuring both homes and autos

It’s easy to get an estimate for a combined discount of the home and auto insurance. You just need to ask for one and compare the total cost of insuring both homes and autos. You will be able to confirm what is best for you.

The question you are probably wondering right now is, “If I buy two or more policies from different insurance companies, can I save money?”

According to my own experience and research, you can save a lot of money by bundling your auto and home insurance. The secret is to shop around and compare insurance quotes from a wide range of insurance companies.

Buying two or more policies from the same insurer or broker is a common practice in the United States. It makes sense because having more than one policy reduces your exposure and increases the chances of finding a cheaper one.

Are you interested in bundling your car and home insurance with the help of my expert tips? Contact me today.

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