How to download a YouTube Video

YouTube is one important app that has gained recognition all over the world. It is an American based app launched in  the year 2005, the app has been bought by Google. It houses a lot of channels ranging from group channels to individual channels. Each channels with its own number of subscribers. The app is widely know for its possession of a wide range of videos, with different contents. This article is based on the different ways to download YouTube videos. So if you have been initially confused on how to find your way around YouTube, keep your fingers crossed, this article got you.

Step by step analysis on YouTube video download.

Step 1.

In order to download videos from YouTube,  the first thing to do is to have a reliable internet connection. Downloaded videos can then be watched offline.

Step 2.

Download the YouTube app on your device if you do not have it yet. Sometimes it automatically comes with the device but if it is absent, you can download from Google play store.

Step 3.

Sign in on the app with your Google account.

Step 4.

Click on the search button and type the keywords of your preferred video, it brings out a list of videos from different channels. You can click on your preferred video and either download or watch online. Note that some videos cannot be downloaded but watched offline only. This boils down to the uploaders choice.

Step 5.

Once the video has been successfully downloaded, it shows two blue tick below it. You can then proceed to the library to watch your downloaded videos.

Can I share downloaded YouTube videos to others?

Downloaded videos can neither be shared to others not be shown on other apps because they have been stored encrypted to YouTube alone. However, the video link can be copied and sent to others.

How do I get a video’s link on YouTube?

While the preferred video is playing, click on the three vertical dots below it and you’ll find the link. You can then copy the link and paste it to wherever you desire. However, some video link cannot be copied because they are  private videos. Hence the links are not visible.  In such situations, nothing can be done to reverse the order.

YouTube! YouTube Go?

YouTube is the main app, while YouTube Go is a minimal version of YouTube. While using YouTube app, there is a space for comments and feedback on videos, while on YouTube Go, you can only watch videos. No room for comments or feedbacks. YouTube also afford the opportunity to upload your own video on your channel while YouTube Go doesn’t have the feature. However, YouTube Go can store downloaded videos longer that the YouTube app itself.

Can I download YouTube videos to my phone?

Some videos on YouTube can be downloaded directly from YouTube to your phone using the video link. This can be done by copying the link and pasting in on your web browser, either Google chrome, safari or any other browser. The video will download directly to your phone, you can check it out in your gallery or video player. Note that this doesn’t work for all videos on YouTube.

How can I watch videos without Ads on YouTube?

The YouTube Go app doesn’t contain ads, but if you are using YouTube, there is definitely going to be an intrusion Of different ads in the process of you watching the video. However the new YouTube premium app allows its subscribers to watch videos without ads but you have to pick a subscription plan that cost you money aside data.

Other apps that I can use to download Videos.

Aside the YouTube app itself, there are external apps that makes downloading videos easier, faster, and better. On this apps too, you can also download videos at a cheaper data rate. The apps are listed below;

Save from net app.

On this app, you can copy the link of your desired video from YouTube and paste on the save from net site, click on download and voilà ! You have your video.

YouTube video downloader.

This is a different app specifically for downloads of YouTube videos. It makes downloading easier and faster. It is run through the normal ritual of copying and pasting video links.

The “ss” format.

As stated earlier, YouTube video contains ads, but using the “ss’ format, you can download YouTube videos without ads running. Here’s how…

Paste the copied URL on your web browser and add SS to the last letter of the link, your video downloads automatically.


While trying to download videos from YouTube, remember that not all videos can be downloaded as some videos are private. Also, some videos are age-restricted while some are deleted videos. Note that downloaded videos can be watched as long as there was a ocassional internet connection.



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