Get Car Insurance Without a License

How to Get Car Insurance Without a License
There are several reasons why someone without a driver’s license might need car insurance. For example, due to age or health problems, you might no longer drive but still own a car that a family member drives to take you to appointments.

Section 1: You have a car but don’t drive
If you own a car but don’t drive it, you can file for an insurance exemption based on the following requirements.

The car is not used for private purposes or to transport a passenger (the applicant cannot prove that he or she actually rides in the car).

The car has an unpaid title.

The car is no longer subject to major or minor repairs.

You are between 25 and 35 years old, but have not driven in the last six months.

You have a physical or mental disability that prohibits you from driving.

You have physical or mental impairment that prevents you from safely or efficiently driving a motor vehicle.

You own a motor vehicle and it is not used as your main means of transportation.

You are a full-time student in your mid-20s who is working part-time.

You live in a state that requires insurance
If you live in an area where car insurance is required by law or where you need to have an in-person identification, you can find a company that is willing to insure you for the car you own but without a driver’s license.

You don’t have your license but need it for things like renting cars

In the event that you need to rent a car without a driver’s license, insurance companies will most likely accept a photo ID (such as a driver’s license) that shows a legal name and address.

You bought a car without insurance

If you have bought a car without insurance, many insurance companies will give you a discount if they will cover the cost of your future accident.

How to get insurance without a license
If you live in Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Maryland, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, West Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Vermont or Wyoming, you can get coverage for a car without a license.

However, you may not be able to get that coverage after all. According to The Balance, this has to do with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

A person without a driver’s license is a separate driver, and the agency generally requires proof of insurance for a person who is a separate driver (which, in your case, means you have the responsibility of owning the car).

The benefits of owning a car without driving it
If you decide to give up your driver’s license, you have to take care of all the driving tasks yourself, in addition to arranging for other transportation, like your family members. It can be a challenge to figure out when to go to the DMV to register your car or replace your tags. However, there are several easy and efficient ways to get insurance without a license.

Get an endorsement

Another solution to the driver’s license dilemma is to get an endorsement on your car. If you don’t drive often, you don’t need the entire endorsement. A commercial driver’s endorsement could be enough for you. It usually costs about $5 or less, and it can provide you with extra protection in the event of an accident.

When you’re young, people might not be able to understand why you don’t have a license. But, as you get older, you’ll realize that without a license, you’ll have problems driving without insurance. And the insurance on a car is non-refundable.

Get full information on young drivers to get affordable car insurance!

Car insurance and driving courses are also popular. In the event you don’t drive, these courses would help you in the event of an accident and other circumstances that could trigger an emergency or be in a dangerous situation.

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In many countries, high school students are required to pass a driver’s test.

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