Car Insurance Without a Permanent Address

How To Get Car Insurance Without a Permanent Address
There are ways to insure a car without permanent residency in the UK, although a number of UK insurance companies won’t provide insurance unless you have a permanent address in the UK.

Section 1: The Car Insurance Quandary
Just like renting a house, buying a car is probably one of the biggest purchases in most people’s lives. Although you don’t have to have a home address, you do have to provide a permanent address in order to get UK car insurance, and having a permanent address is becoming a requirement.

When you buy a car from an unknown source, it can be tricky to work out the company’s car insurance policy. You can actually just ask the seller the price of the car, and not worry about how much it is insured for.

However, UK car insurance companies require a permanent address in order to provide the motorist with their cover. They rely on the vehicle registration as a form of identification to work out how much the motorist should pay for the insurance.

If you buy a car, you have a few options.

Why Some UK Insurers Won’t Cover You
Some UK insurance companies will not insure you if you have no permanent address in the UK. Many places are not insured, for example, mainland Europe or parts of the United States, or anywhere in Canada.

Some insurers may have stricter conditions on their requirements. Some insurance companies insist you can get insurance with a UK address, even if you don’t have a permanent residence.

In these situations, it’s wise to set up a new address in the UK before you buy a car. Make sure you have an address you can easily show to insurers.

How To Get Car Insurance Without A Permanent Address

If you don’t have a permanent address in the UK, or if you don’t have a permanent address abroad, it’s best to get the following:

A GOV.UK account


What Can You Do?
You can get a temporary, or cover, policy for your car without a permanent address in the UK. This might not be ideal if your vehicle is old and some foreign insurance companies may not offer cover for these vehicles.

You can get a replacement car insurance policy for your car from UK based car insurance brokers, or third party insurers.

To find a broker visit

Most brokers offer cover for cars that are on the road and have been driven around in, even if they don’t have a state issued insurance document.

Can I Go to the Car Insurance Office?

I usually go to the car insurance offices to get my quote, but the insurance companies won’t allow me to do this.

The same goes for the comparison websites where you put in your details.

How to Get Car Insurance if You Have a Temporary Address
By travelling to France, Germany or elsewhere to work, for example.

By paying to park a car in a different country, possibly in a bar at the border.

By arranging the rental of a car or van as you travel.

By buying insurance online and being guaranteed to receive it before your holiday starts.

If you’re uninsured, the insurer will ignore your insurance claim if you make a claim in a foreign country.

This is because they need your home address for claim payments and wouldn’t be able to trace you until you returned to the UK.

Where to go to get the most for your money when buying car insurance

In most cases, people aren’t able to get fully comprehensive car insurance if they rent a car or have it parked in a garage in a foreign country.

If you’ve chosen to purchase a new or used car, consider a policy with travel benefits or a breakdown cover as you may need to get out of your car in an emergency and therefore need to have the right type of cover.


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