10 signs that shows a girl truly loves you.

Love! The word “love” is fast becoming a cliche due to the way it is used. A large percent of the word users lack the basic understanding of the word itself. The average human thinks money is love and that love is sweet and pleasurable all the time; this isn’t true. Oxford dictionary defines love as a strong feeling of mutual affection towards a person. There are lots of argument that a particular gender loves more than the other gender. This arguments stems from a misconstrued mindset and obviously from an ignorant mind on the concept of love.

Love is way deeper than we think, it is sacrifice; it demands a lot from the person involved. For my gender (female), it is often difficult for them to express their feelings plainly so as not to be seen as desperate or attention seekers. In this article, I’ll show you 10 signs that shows a girl truly loves you. She might be your partner who  you just want to be  sure about her feelings for you, or just a friend that wants you. So, keep your fingers crossed, dive through this article and maybe you would get a glimpse of that girl that truly loves you out of your many female friends.

  1. She is caring.

A girl that truly loves you will always care, even in the little way she can. She asks questions about your day, work, sometimes she knows when you are troubled even without been told and she’ll always make sure you are fine. Sometimes she gets you food, and buys gifts for you occasionally. She makes sure you rest and do not overwork, she calls time to time to ensure you take your medications if you are sick. She is always looking out for you.

  1. She exhibits certain traits of jealousy.

Jealousy? Yes. A girl that loves you genuinely would always want to feel secured around you. She doesn’t want anything that will sabotage her love or relationship with you so there is the natural tendency for her to get jealous when she sees you around her female counterparts.

  1. She prioritize you.

Another sign that shows true love is that the girl sees you as an important person in her life. She’d always prioritize your needs over hers. She can leave some important gatherings just to make sure you are fine. Sometimes she helps you with your personal projects that you cannot do on your own, she can even handle some online jobs for you when you feel choked with responsibilities expecting nothing in return.

  1. She is a motivator.

She drives your life in a unique way, she speaks good words to calm your heart when you are dejected. Ladies are very emotional so she can sacrifice her emotions just to see you brighten up. She can hide her tears inside her heart when she sees you crying and pretend to be strong so you can heal.

  1. She shares her vulnerability with you.

Before a girl can open up about her weakness, she has to feel secure around the person, and also trust the person. So, the love she has towards you will make her expose her vulnerability in terms of her fears, insecurities, personal habits. She does this because she loves you enough to trust you.

  1. She support your dreams.

A lady that loves you tends to pressure you into achieving your dreams. She doesn’t change your personality, she helps and support you where neccesarry to actualize your dream. Some ladies even give financial support to the ones they love. She pushes you to become a better person.

  1. She forgives.

Forgiveness is an essential attribute if we want to co-exist peacefully with people. Love itself forgives, the lady tends to overlook your excesses and when you annoy her she forgives. She might look angry at first but later, she cheers up and does things to show that she has forgiven you. However, she doesn’t hesitate to correct you when you are wrong, she tries to talk you out of your bad habits like keeping bad friends, smoking, excessive alcohol. She corrects in love because she wants you to be a better human.

  1. She is interested in your family.

Yes, she does! She’d always make sure she knows everything about your life. She will ask after your parents, siblings, and extended family. She isn’t trying to be nosy, she just cares, she understands that whatever happens to your family affects you too. So, she’ll make sure to know what is going on in your family even when they don’t know her.

  1. She is happy around you.

She is always happy when she is around you. She seldom behave childish, by feigning a sad look just to hear you talk. Women are naturally not conversation starters, they think men should do the talking; but if she loves you, she’ll start a conversation just to keep the atmosphere lively. She acts too touchy. She tend to hold your hands, findle with your fingers, put her head on your shoulder, pats your back. She just want to maintain body contact with you. Such actions speaks loud volumes of love because it is an expression of what is happening inside her heart.

  1. She is kind and patient.

Above all, she is kind and patient with you. She tolerates your excesses, she advices you on your wrong moves and she loves to see you listen to her corrections. Even when you don’t do that immediately, she is patient enough to still keep up with you till you change. She is always present both in the good and bad times.


Love is a tricky game of chance. Though a lot of people are of the opinion that true love does not exist, they view the idea of true love as a mirage. This is a stereotype that shouldn’t be taken seriously, true love does exist. Love is sacrificial and demanding because most times, one might not get as much attention put into loving a person. So if we understand that we love expecting nothing in return, this save us a lot of headaches or heartbreak. Read through the article again, discover the lady that loves you genuinely and never take her for granted.

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